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Small indoor/outdoor 800 gallon pond housing 4 small koi


koi pond 1

koi pond2

koi pond 3


Main koi pond.

Description: 32 x 4 x 6 feet makes it about 4800 gallons.


2 aerated bottom drains feed a settlement chamber located behind the bakki shower.

An Oase Promax 30,000 feeds an Oase Biotec 36 Filter incorporating a Bitron 72C UV.

An Oase Promax 20,000 feeds a modified Cloverleaf CL3 Filter consisting of aerated K1 and Japanese Matting.

An Oase Aquamax 16,000 feeds an Oase Filtoclear 15000 presure filter and then the bakki shower.

koi pond 4

koi pond 5

koi pond 6

koi pond 7

koi pond 8


Aquosis Quarantine Vats

2 x Vat - 20 Quarantine System 557 gallons each

1 x Vat - 25 Quarantine System 886 gallons

koi quarantine vat

koi quarantine vat 2